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Rio Narley passion for music and building his legacy through entrepreneurship ended up becoming one of the best decisions to put him in the creative environment.


As an African American songwriter, rapper, and producer living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He longed for building more entertainment relationships during his time in Los Angeles where he teamed up with his friend Kali Kasper to form Soul Surferz, which toured the United States and performed in smaller venues. Rio sparked recognition from Jamie Foxx out in Los Angeles in 2018. “Intuition will find you when you follow the nudges of your soul” – Rio Narley


However, the relocation only lasted a little over a year before he found out his mother was in a bad car accident and had to move back to his hometown, momentarily postponing his career to take care of his mother while she recovered but that did not stop him from creating an online presence, releasing music like “Genie,” gaining over 75k streams on Soundcloud and reaching a new milestone with over 10k followers on Twitter as an indie artist. The creative turn made him a viral sensation they’re his” Fear is the enemy of hope.” ~ Dave Ramsey


A winner of the new artist Underground music award and also on the chart as an upcoming artist 100 billboard Narley is known for his positive lyrics, a fusion of poetry, psychedelic vibes over heavy 808’s, and smooth high pitched vocals.  He has shared the stage with independent artists like Six Hampton, Trill Fam Ice, and more recently Pretti Emage, the hottest female group in Clearwater, Florida. 


Sending waves of positivity, catchy metaphors, and lyrical intelligence summoning the powerful reactions from fans. Rio constantly engages with fans through social media to stay relevant and to keep them wanting more. His distinctive voice destroys the stereotype of hardcore rap with his high-pitched vocals, positive energy, and image, creating pleasant music.


Rio's catalog builds confidence as he grows in a higher measure with hit singles like “Cosmo League,” “Target” and “Brighter Days” creating videos and more followers on his social platform pages that increase his brand engagement from 7,000 to 50.000 follow on Instagram page. While the effectiveness of his work has shown the appreciation for his love of his community and family that he keeps giving in his music.

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